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How to Start a Home Business in Less Than 2 Weeks

What Kind of Business Will You Have?
It is time to think about what type of business you want. What do you like to do? Your skills, hobbies and interests are vital to helping you decide what type of business you should run. Once you decide what it is that you want to do, you can actually start your online search to find a business to run. You could buy an existing business opportunity or even get ideas to start your own.When you decide on the type of business and look for existing opportunities, do your research. Ask to see proof of income for others in like situations, and phone numbers and addresses of these people so you can actually talk to a real person and not a paid spokesperson. Make sure you are not going to get scammed. Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no serious complaints against the mother company so that you are not buying into a scandal. If the business you want to buy is in the local classified ads, don’t respond to any ad with all capital letters or many exclamation points, as this is not professional and was not placed by a real company.Real Opportunities
Actual business opportunities are ones that have been around for many years, and are not new startup companies. Many startup companies take years to get off the ground and are not able to offer franchise opportunities to anyone due to the newness of the company. Do not pay to get scammed, as many fake companies require money to get information alone about the opportunity. Real companies may ask for a fee to start, but they are covering costs such as a $500 startup fee to sign on with their answering service for a year, if it is a telemarketing company. Or for internet companies, you may be asked to pay a specific amount for a website to be built specifically for your business. Many online companies offer you the option of buying a site from them or building your own. This is legitimate and can be trusted in most instances.Drop Shipping
There are companies called drop shippers that are legitimate companies on the internet. What they do is this: you list their items on auction sites for your own price, and then when you get paid from the auction site, you pay the drop shipper. They in turn ship your goods to your customer with your company name on the packaging. These are legitimate companies as long as you can find their information on a home page or contact information such as a customer service number that is in service. There are companies that say they do this service, but once you pay for their service, nothing is delivered but an inactive phone number and angry customers.Adult Websites
Many adult websites offer the opportunity for you to be a franchise owner. This means that you would pay the startup cost for the building of your website, and all the products and information comes from the mother site. You simply name your site and advertise it, and the cost of the memberships sold on your site is yours. You would pay a monthly or annual fee for this type of business, but with the adult industry booming, it may be something you want to look into.Buying Your Business
Look at the amount of money you are able to spend for startup costs. If you can only afford $200 for startup fees, don’t get discouraged about the number of businesses available. Just because you can’t afford $1,000 startup does not mean that you have to get suckered by scams, thinking these are the only opportunities available. Although many require a fee, it is not the end of the world if you don’t find the one you want on the first day of searching. Continue your search and you will find something you are interested in, that is in your price range.Internet Business
There is less overhead in an internet home based business than in a brick and mortar business. Internet businesses include costs of your home internet service, and computer repair or upkeep, home electricity and such other bills including phone. The monthly or annual fee for your business website is also part of the overhead cost. This can add up quickly, but on average is much less than a brick and mortar business that has to pay employees, building rentals and other costs. The tax advantages of the internet home based business are much better than a business ran outside of the home. Tax breaks on your home phone and internet service as well as upkeep for all office materials and replacement is also available annually.Summary
With all the options available for home businesses, how to start an online home business is very easy to find and open your own business successfully. Remember that research is the key to getting a legitimate opportunity, and just because a fee is involved does not mean it is a scam. Scan the local classifieds for franchise information on local internet opportunities as well as brick and mortar ones. Online home businesses are becoming more popular day by day, and it will pay off for those that get in early and are able to rise successfully to the top. Follow these steps and within 2 weeks you should be ready to start your home business.